Sunday, October 30, 2016

Some new COMC loot & Topps Bunt

Quick update to increase my postcount for October as I have been slacking a lot again in recent weeks and of course busy following the World Series. I was hoping for some Cubs magic and Rizzo with some HRs but instead they are behind 3-1 so a mountain to climb.

On the card collecting front I have downloaded Topps Bunt but not sure what to make of it just yet. Any of you active with Topps Bunt ? Any view on it, worth time spend on it or should I not invest in time in the App ?

Anyways, I just received a COMC package. Here is some of the loot, a few Glavine and Blyleven cards !!

Thanks for visiting my blog again !

Saturday, September 24, 2016

My last batch of Kershaws

The last batch of COMC Kershaw cards arrived last week. As I announced recently, I am letting go of my Kershaw collection and are planning so sell most of the cards over the next few quarters and years, whenever there is interest. So if you are interested in some of these do let me know. My complete collection of Kershaw cards can be found here.

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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Game of Thrones

Usually I don't do much non-baseball cards but when it comes to Dutch actors I make happily make exceptions !! One of which is Carice van Houten in Game of Thrones. I love this series and she plays a cool part as well.
Afbeeldingsresultaat voor picture game of thrones carice van houten

So when I noticed one of the auto cards on eBay I chased it quickly !! Here's it is, my latest addition to my collection !!

Any of you fans of Game of Thrones ?

Group Break Loot !!

A few months ago I participated in one of Chris' Group Breaks at Nachos Grande. If I remember correctly the group break was for a few boxes of Finest as well as some boxes of Donruss. I got the Dodgers in the break and was allocated the Indians as well. Here's some of the loot !

First up a few Corey Seager cards, both from the Donruss boxes !! The Elite Series cards looks pretty cool and is numbered to 999.

Next up a cool insert card from Topps Finest, Franchise Finest ! I always like the look and feel of Topps Finest cards.

Another insert came my way, I USA Baseball card of KJ Harrison. It looks kinda cool !

I even was lucky enough to get one of the hits !! A Topps Finest Auto of Indian Kluber !!

All cards are for trade so let me know in case of any interest. Thanks Chris for a fun break, looking forward to the next one !

Thanks for visiting my blog today !

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Oops, some more Kershaws

Oops, I forgot some Kershaws that were on the bottom of a pile. Here they are, all for sale !

Enjoy the weekend !


Friday, September 2, 2016

Some more Kershaws !!

As you might have seen a few days ago, I made the most difficult decision in my card collecting career: Giving up on Kershaw ! As a result all my Kershaw cards are for sale (see above for my collection). However, a fewe days ago I received a COMC package which was still in transit. This one as well included some Kershaw cards. See below for the cards, all are for sale so feel free to let me know if you are interested in any of them.

Enjoy the weekend !!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Exit Kershaw !!

So yesterday I promissed everyone some big news so here we go ! My break was a time to rethink my collection and the future direction of it. Of course I will continue to focus on Glavine and Blyleven, I love these pitchers and the outstanding base of cards are manageable and potentially reachable, no tons of color variations etc. As I do want to collect a current player I am continuing my Rizzo Collection. 

I have, however, decided that my Yankees collection will be toned down and only will chase some fun cards and that's it. An even bigger decision was to stop my Sabathia as well as my Verlander collections. I return I will focus more on sets like A&G and GQ.

And now for the really big decision....I have decided to quit Kershaw. This was really the most difficult decision as I have been collection Kershaw from the start, when he was still to win his first CY award. Prices for Kershaw cards just have become too high to get much joy out of collecting them. Given that I have just moved house, selling my Kershaw collection can actually bring in some good funds to finance the rest of my collection and some of my moving costs.

So there it is, the word is out, Kershaw is going to be out and some are already on COMC. I will likely only keep a few really cool ones for sentimental value (likely some of the A&G ones), everything else can go. If you are interested in some make me a good offer or tell your friends and fellow collectors. Given that I can use the money and there is still some sentimental value I am going to only go for strong offers (so apologies in advance in case I come over difficult :-)). Below my last Kershaw count, 567 cards of which 134 auto cards and 17 1/1s, still a nice achievement if I may say so !! All of them can be found above or using this link.